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Set up your fund, raise from your LPs, issue Capital Calls and more – all with clicks.

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Structure your VC fund

Tailor your fund to your needs: investment thesis, liquidity mechanics, waterfall, carried interest etc.


Fundraise from your LPs

Give your investors the experience they deserve. KYC/AML, investor certification, investment execution – all streamlined and digital.


Run your fund

Let your investors benefit from our transparent and easy‑to‑understand investor reporting. Make Capital Calls in one click. Relax and look at all things back-office being taken care of in live.

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Focus on dealmaking

Everything is sorted in a beautiful, integrated platform
Real-Time Legal Structuring

Tailor your SPV with clicks. By being able to update your fund documents in Real-Time, you make investors negotiations last hours instead of months

Blazing Fast Investors' Onboarding

Collect your LPs' subscription instantly thanks to a streamlined, fully-digital investor onboarding and subscription process.

Legal and Governance Swiss Knife

Implement required policies, pass various resolutions, get FATCA/CRS reporting and update your committee easily.

Compliance and Security

Invite all your stakeholders to a safe, permissioned online dashboard.

Quality Accounting and Reporting

SPV administration doesn't have to be complex, we make it a joy to work with.

You'll be in good company

Leading investors and fund managers are using VAUBAN to raise and deploy capital.

See how Vauban compares

Law Firm
Fund formation Cost
Law Firm
From £45,000
Fund formation Speed
2 Weeks
Law Firm
2 Months
Fund administration Cost
Law Firm
From 1,400/m
Digital LP onboarding, governance & reporting
Law Firm
Transactional banking
Law Firm

Common questions

What is Vauban and how can it help me launch my VC Fund?

Vauban is a Wealth Container Platform, we are specialised in simplifying the deployment and maintenance of complex legal entities like VC Funds and it making it accessible and controllable from our Dashboard.

Launching a VC Fund was traditionally an extremely cumbersome and expensive process filled with paperwork and wax seals that included many providers you had to handle and pay the hourly rate of like Lawyers, Notaries, Registries, Bankers and Administrators.
We have digitised and automated the process to make it accessible and save you time and money. Any action you take on Vauban is mirrored in Real Life but you don't have to worry about it.

What's included?

Our pricing includes everything you need to launch your VC Fund: Set-Up, Structuring, Legal Documents, Bank Account, Administration, Corporate Secretarial.

What it does not include is the regulatory approval that may be required in your country as an investment manager.

What will be the legal structure of my VC Fund?

We generally structure Venture Capital Funds as a Private Fund Limited Partnership. England is our preferred legal jurisdiction for various reasons including the speed and quality of its administration, the cost-efficiency of its registry, its reputation and its stability.

The PFLP (like most VC Funds) is a transparent vehicle, meaning the fund will not pay taxes in the UK. Investors will be taxed as if they invested directly in underlying companies.

How flexible is Vauban's structuring process compared to a lawyer?

During our online structuring process, you can play with more than 130 variables with each offering you many optional clauses to choose from. This is more than most lawyers would offer and enough to satisfy the most exotic claw-back requirements of your investors.

The way Vauban works is that when you change a variable, you'll see it instantly reflected on your Limited Partnership Agreement and Information Memorandum. This is extremely powerful because it allows your investors negotiations to take hours instead of months or years. This is also extremely secure: It ensures legal soundness, consistency and prevent drafting mistakes from happening (Which are nearly inevitable on Word when manipulating a complex 200 pages document.)

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