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The new way
to structure a deal

Deploying your SPVs & co‑investment vehicles is now a digital 48h process


Source a deal

This is your part of the job. Identify a promising investment like a tech startup, an infrastructure project or an artwork.


Structure your SPV / co-Investment vehicle

Tailor your Wealth Container to your needs. Target asset or company, liquidity mechanics, waterfall, carried interest etc.


Fundraise and close your SPV

Give your investors the streamlined experience they deserve. KYC/AML, investor certification, execution – all streamlined and digital. Pay only after you've successfully raised!


Close your deal — and relax

Sign the Purchase Agreement, wire the money to the underlying issuer or transferor, you're done. We will deal with your administrative and accounting matters for the lifetime of the SPV.

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on the platform
in wealth containers
Digital SPVs, Real Assets

Find your configurable entity

Our clients use our SPVs for these industries
Angel Syndicate vauban

Invest in startups with other investors and get a Carried Interest (or not). Through a SPV or an EIS Nominee Structure.

Venture Capital vauban

Never miss on your follow-on allocations ever again, use VAUBAN to set up your Co-Investment Vehicle and SPV in hours.

Private Equity vauban

Co-Invest alongside other Sponsors using our Co-Investment Vehicle.

Real Estate vauban

Club together with other property investors to spread your risk and leverage your returns.

Private Debt vauban

Lend money to SMEs and offer your investors exposure to high yield.

Art, Sports and Entertainment
Art, Sports and Entertainment vauban

Give your investors access to an exotic asset class you are expert in.

Focus on dealmaking

Everything is sorted in a beautiful, integrated platform
Real-Time Legal Structuring

Tailor your SPV with clicks. By being able to update your fund documents in Real-Time, you make investors negotiations last hours instead of months

Blazing Fast Investors' Onboarding

Collect your LPs' subscription instantly thanks to a streamlined, fully-digital investor onboarding and subscription process.

Legal and Governance Swiss Knife

Implement required policies, pass various resolutions, get FATCA/CRS reporting and update your committee easily.

Compliance and Security

Invite all your stakeholders to a safe, permissioned online dashboard.

Quality Accounting and Reporting

SPV administration doesn't have to be complex, we make it a joy to work with.

Seize the opportunities

Our clients used our SPVs to fundraise
for these deals

Fast, digital and transparent

Law Firm
SPV cost
Law Firm
From £25,000
SPV closing speed
Law Firm
3 Weeks
SPV administration cost
Law Firm
From £600 p.a.
Law Firm
Digital & hassle-free
Law Firm

Common questions

Our clients used our SPVs to fundraise for these deals
Why use a Vehicle to invest in an asset?

There are many reasons why you might use a Vehicle like an SPV to structure your transaction:

  1. Earn Carried Interest (performance fee) on deal you bring to the table and get rewarded for your work.
  2. Syndicate with others on the same deal to reach the minimum ticket-size, which might be too high for an individual investor.
    This is useful for example if you want to access trendy VC deals that are generally in high demand and require a high minimum investment to secure an allocation, or if you want to access the Property middle market which has typically the best opportunities, precisely because it is out of reach to the individual investor.
  3. Spread risk by investing in several assets
  4. Build a track record without having to raise a fully fledged Fund, with Deal-by Deal investing. It is economically very efficient and is the best path to launching your Fund one day. (Some of the largest investment managers do all their investing this way!)
  5. Save costs that you might need to launch a fund which typically come with much more expenses and a much higher minimum capital to break-even.
What's included in the cost?

The cost is all-inclusive, typically including set-up, accounting, banking and administration for the life of the SPV.

We will only charge our fee if you have successful raised. Most dealmakers incurs that cost on the SPV (Which means you don't have to pay for anything) although some prefer to pay it themselves.

How long does the process take?

The process can take as little as 48h from idea to closing if we are supplied all of the KYC/AML documents on time.

It sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

It's not magic, it's science. We use software to automate SPV formation as much as possible:
The way that works in practice is that we work with leading law firms to get a legal documentation of the highest quality, then our in-house legal and legal engineering staff works hard on automating the documentation. This is what allows you to generate your bespoke documentation tailored to your wishes in minutes instead of weeks. That also leads to massive cost efficiencies which is why our pricing is so attractive. We apply the same time of treatment to everything else involved in deploying and maintaining an investment vehicle.

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