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Structure your fund, tailor your terms, structure your share classes, on-board and raise from investors, manage your redemptions, get NAV reports – all with clicks.

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The new way to launch
a hedge fund

It's Faster, Safer, and Pain-Free for you and your Investors


Structure your hedge fund

Choose your fund structure and domicile. Then tailor your fund to your needs: investment thesis, liquidity mechanics, management and performance fees, redemption rights, risk factors etc.


Fundraise from your investors

Give your investors the experience they deserve: KYC/AML, investor certification, investment execution - all streamlined and digital.


Run your fund

Let your investors benefit from our transparent and easy‑to‑understand investor reporting. Relax and look at all things compliance and accounting being taken care of in live.

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Investors on-boarded
on the platform
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It's not magic, it's tech

We've spent thousands of hours automating the most time‑consuming processes
Real-Time Legal Structuring

Tailor your SPV with clicks. By being able to update your fund documents in Real-Time, you make investors negotiations last hours instead of months

Blazing Fast Investors' Onboarding

Collect your LPs' subscription instantly thanks to a streamlined, fully-digital investor onboarding and subscription process.

Legal and Governance Swiss Knife

Implement required policies, pass various resolutions, get FATCA/CRS reporting and update your committee easily.

Compliance and Security

Invite all your stakeholders to a safe, permissioned online dashboard.

Quality Accounting and Reporting

SPV administration doesn't have to be complex, we make it a joy to work with.

Vetted by structuring experts

Vauban works with leading lawyers and partners to provide you with the highest standard of legal documentation

See how Vauban compares

Law Firm
Fund formation Cost
Law Firm
From $30,000
+ Disbursements
Fund formation Speed
3 Weeks
Law Firm
3 Months
Fund administration Cost
Law Firm
From $1,800/m
Fast and digital investor onboarding
Law Firm
Instant investor negotiations
Law Firm

Common questions

What is Vauban?

Vauban is a Wealth Container Platform which simplifies the deployment and maintenance of complex legal entities like Hedge Funds. We've bought everything under one roof, in our online Dashboard.

Excessive paperwork, wax seals, and numerous providers like lawyers, bankers and administrators who charge by the hour, meant that launching a Hedge Fund was once a disaggregated, slow and expensive process.

Until now: Vauban has digitised and automated the process to make it accessible, save you time and money and launch your Hedge Fund efficiently.

Who can Invest in my hedge fund?

Most Corporate and Institutional Investors will be able to invest. For Individuals, this mainly depends on the location of the investor. Some countries will be very flexible and allow almost anyone to invest in a Private Fund. Others may require the person to be a High Net Worth individual or to have certain knowledge about finance and the instruments that the fund will trade for example.

What will be the legal structure of my hedge fund?

There are various options, but the main type of Hedge Fund Vauban offers is the Cayman Islands Registered Fund- also known as 4(3) Mutual Fund. It’s the gold standard of hedge funds, used by more than 10,000 hedge fund managers globally.

What Flexibility do I have for my hedge fund?

A lot. Our dashboard allow you to tailor your Hedge Funds to your needs. Play with terms and variables like Investors Rights, Management Fee, Performance Fee Mechanics, Side-Pockets, Equalisation, Investment Strategy, Subscription and Redemption Mechanics, Liquidity Management and more.

We use technology to make Hedge Fund formation as automated as it can be. We work with leading law firms and build the perfect legal documentation for your hedge fund. Then our in-house legal and legal engineering staff wautomate the documentation so that you can play with it. This is what allows you to generate bespoke documentation tailored to your wishes in minutes instead of weeks. That also leads to massive cost efficiencies which is why our pricing is extremely competitive. We're applying the same treatment to everything else involved in deploying your hedge fund: Administration, Maintenance of Register, Accounting etc.

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